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Library Information Centre

The Library Information Centre is central to the development of our information-literate school community. It is a dynamic, spacious, user-friendly place that has become the hub and heart of learning in our school. Designed as a modern learning environment, our Library Information Centre supports different learning styles and encourages students to make choices in their learning.
Classes visit our Centre for lessons with a specialist information literacy teacher. These lessons encourage students to develop a love of reading as well as information skills and strategies which enable them to become active seekers, users and creators of knowledge. Competitions, displays, themes, dress-up days, author studies and many more exciting activities challenge students to imagine, explore and discover.



Students also learn to use 'Information Communication technology' (ICT) confidently, to access, explore and create information, and to connect with others. Our computer suite in the Centre comprises 16 computers and can accomodate a whole class. We also have a touch screen interactive board and a set of ten iPads which are used to support and enhance students learning. 
'Olly' is our online catalogue system which enables students to easily locate resources in the library. They can also access Olly from their classroom and they are able to log in from home. Students have access to all our Centre's resources before school and at lunchtimes. We also have a blog for students and teachers to write and read reviews of our resources.
We have a dedicated fundraising team called the ELF Team (East Library Fundraising Team) that organises a shop of donated items for the students to buy. This money helps towards the buying of books for our library.Parents are welcome to join our library and to borrow books from our small but developing Parent section. Feel free to visit us anytime.

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