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Our Pets

Our school pets are part of our big school family.  Toby and Poppy cats, and Milo our dog help make our school a special place.  You'll find Poppy in our school office.  Her job is to meet and greet visitors, welcome new students and their families and keep our school office ticking along.  Toby looks after the library and playground.  He has a special bean bag in the library and everyone knows that it belongs to him.  Each day Toby walks our school and checks that we are all smiling and working hard.  We enjoy sharing our learning with him.  

Milo is the newest addition to our school pet family.  He is now almost 3 years old and has been coming to school since he was a puppy.  Milo is a great friend when you need a cuddle or someone to talk to.  We have monitors that are in Year 5 and Year 6 who are responsible for him during the day.  They walk him, make sure that he has fresh water and check that he is happy.  Milo also works hard and has jobs that he is responsible for.  He is always teaching us how to be safe around all dogs and has taught us about how to be a good friend, how to look after all pets and what to do to keep pets safe during an emergency.  Check out Milos blog and see what he is up to.  

We are very lucky to have school pets and we look after them very well.  When you visit our school make sure that you say hello to them and if you're lucky you might get a big smile or slobbery kiss from one of them. 

    Click on this image to link to Milo's blog