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General Information

Please explore the tabs below to find out more about our school. If you require additional information, contact the school office.

Term dates

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Lunches at School

Papatoetoe East Primary is a Health Promoting School and therefore encourages students to bring appropriate food items and lunches.  The school will not accept pupils or families bringing 'fast' foods, fizzy drinks or sweets into school as part of lunches or special events. 

Due to the number of pupils with food allergies and associated food intolerances we discourage the sharing of food except when organised and monitored as part of a school event. 

Parents who wish to have their children going home for lunch must send a written letter to the Deputy Principal stating this.  No pupils will be allowed out of the school grounds unless a letter has been received and approved by the school.


At Papatoetoe East Primary School we have a uniform that every child is expected to wear correctly.  The uniform and dress code will be stated in the School Information Booklet and advertised in school newsletters.

Our uniform can be purchased From:

If for some reason our school uniform is not able to be worn an explanation note is required and must be sighted and signed by a classroom teacher. Lost clothing is always a problem.  Parents are asked to name all parts of their child's uniform clearly.  Our school lost property box is kept inside the foyer of the van Wijk room and you are welcome to search through this if something has been lost. 

Polar Fleece Jumper

Polar Fleece Jumper

Girls and Boys Polar Fleece
Polo Shirt

Polo Shirt

Girls and Boys Polo Shirt


Winter (Term 2 and 3 only)
Black Skivvy which can be worn under the School Polo


Girls Black Culottes
Cargo Shorts

Cargo Shorts

Girls and Boys Black Cargo Shorts
Knit Shorts

Knit Shorts

Girls and Boys Black Knit Shorts


Girls Black Skirt
Track pants

Track pants

Winter (Term 2 and 3 only)
Girls and Boys Black Trackpants


Summer (Term 1 and 4 only)
Black or Red Bucket Hat, Plain Black Cap


Black Sandals / Black Shoes and Socks



Specific student stationery is required to support classroom programmes and learning.  Stationery lists are avaliable as students enrol or are provided to existing students at the end of the year in preparation for the following year.  Each year level, or classroom block, has specific stationery requirments and it is important that you select and purchase the correct stationery please.   

purchasing stationery

Our school office is able to supply a list of stationery requirements to you throughout the year.  We recommend that you purchase preassembled stationery packs through OfficeMax MySchool Stationery at the beginning of the year as this is a busy time.  If requiring stationery throughout the year, you are able to purchase this directly from our school office.


At the beginning of each year you are able to purchase stationery packs through OfficeMax MySchool Stationery.  This will ensure that you receive competitive prices and save time by avoiding busy retail stores.  It will also enable you to have plenty of time over the holiday season to cover books and help your child start the year with the correct stationery supplies.  Buying through OfficeMax MySchool will earn our school much needed educational supplies rewards.  Every dollar spent with OfficeMax MySchool will earn us School Rewards.  Orders must be placed by the end of February for the School Rewards to count.

Visit the Retail Store in Manukau and collect your pack from there. Credit Card, Cash and WINZ are all payment options. Our schools stationery lists will be in the OfficeMax store as well.

Order online      See a map to OfficeMax


Parents are asked to contact the school office by phone, and leave a message, or by email if their child is not attending school for any reason.  Absenses may be reported by clicking and recording the relevant information on the link at the bottom of each page. 

Parents are also to provide a written explanation of the absence on the first day back at school.  The Education Act states that children must attend school on a consistent and ongoing basis and that parents must account for all absences.  The school follows up all pupil absences on a daily basis with phone calls home for all absent pupils.  District Truancy is advised of all school concerns and an officer may contact or visit households to discuss on-going absences and consistent lateness as per Ministry of Education guidelines.

Learning Timetable

Here at Papatoetoe East Primary we want to maximise key learning times and have organised our daily teaching and learning timetables to reflect this.

Learning starts daily at 8.50am and our day finishes at 3pm.  We ask that students are at school earlier enough to prepare themselves and settle into our learning community. 

Our school operates two 40 minutes breaks.  This consists of 10 minutes supervised lunch eating and 30 minutes playground or activity time.  Pupils and families need to plan for having food to cover both of these breaks.

Our Timetable
  • 8.50am - 10.50am (Block 1)
  • 10.50am - 11.30am (First Break)
  • 11.30am - 1.05pm (Block 2)
  • 1.05pm - 1.45pm (Second Break)
  • 1.45pm - 3pm (Block 3)



The Papatoetoe East Primary School Board of Trustees is committed to providing a safe learning and working environment for students, staff and its community.  Our safety policy and practices reflect current NZ Health and Safety requirements and best practice.  

School Access
  • our school grounds are not supervised before school, after school or in the weekends.
  • the Board of Trustees has a public bylaw that states that all bicycles, rollerblades and skate boards are prohibited from the school grounds.
  • the school grounds are closed to the public after school hours.
  • dogs are not permitted on school property without seeking permission from the Principal. 
Security Gates

The school has full security gates that are closed from 8.55am to 2.50pm each school day.  All visitors must report to the school office on arrival.

Access to children

The Principal must be informed of :

  • any parent or caregiver who is denied access to their children
  • any parent or caregiver who has restricted rights of access
  • other pertinent details if children are involved in custodial situations

All parents and caregivers, even if known to the class teacher or principal, must call at the school office first if they wish to contact or visit any pupils. 
No right of access to classrooms or pupils is deemed to be automatic unless permission has been given by the Principal.
At all times the school operates under the guidelines of the Privacy Act.

Civil Defence Emergency

In an official civil defence emergency, all pupils are held at school and then when approval is given by Auckland Civil Defence pupils are released to parents or family members in person.  Any children not claimed by their family would be held under strict control at one designated local school centre as per Civil Defence instructions.  Official radio messages will announce all details and whether children can resume school or not after the emergency situation has been declared as over.
Each term regular school practices are organised to ensure children and staff are familiar with all fire evacuation and other emergency drills.

Pedestrian Crossing

There is a patrolled crossing operating at the school from 8.20am to 8.50am and them 3.00pm to 3.15pm.  Pupil patrol monitors and a supervising adult are on duty at these times.  Parents are asked to co-operate fully with this school operation, and to park within the road lines as marked by the Auckland Council.  Local Auckland Transport parking wardens patrol our school roads and entrances as required.


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