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East News TV

Our school Media Team has been on an exciting journey of discovery to create our school news broadcasts. In 2015, we began to explore this idea using a variety of tools and programmes.  The 2017 Media Team are excited about continuing to develop this project, and sharing their work with the community.

Watch our latest broadcast!

East TV, 2017-8

East TV, 2017-7

East TV, 2017-6

East TV, 2017-5

East TV, 2017-4

East TV, 2017-3

East TV, 2017-2

East TV, 2017-1

East TV, 2016-7

East TV, 2016-6

East TV, 2016-5

East TV, 2016-4

East TV, 2016-3

East TV, 2016-2

East TV 2016-1