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Our School Curriculum

Our school curriculum weaves the Principles, Values and Key Competences of the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) through all Learning Areas.   Our school community has identified 9 Overarching Concepts through which all learning is explored in culturally inclusive ways incorporating Information Communication Technology through the Papatoetoe East Primary Inquiry Framework.

In addition Papatoetoe East Primary explicitly integrates the NZC Values and Key Competences to assist in providing a safe platform for students to access learning and enable them to become confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners.

Our students access all learning areas within the NZC.  Priority is given to literacy and numeracy (National Administration Guideline 1a) and this is reflected in teaching and learning, timetabling and resourcing. Strategic Assessment, both formative and summative informs teaching, learning, school wide decisions and reporting to the community.

Papatoetoe East Primary School, "Our Place"

This statement epitomises fundamental principles about our school.  It is displayed in our foyer, our classrooms and our school grounds.


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